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How to weave a rattlesnake knot keychain holder

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In the world of knot tying, the rattlesnake knot is not only a visually appealing design but it’s also a sturdy rope structure for everyday use. In this video from The Weavers of Eternity YouTube channel, a kelly green nylon paracord is woven into a rattlesnake knot keychain holder, then attached to a keyring with a series of snake knots.

This lanyard knot tutorial, Weavers of Eternity channel host Tim Chung notes, was authored by J.D. Lenzen of the Tying It All Together YouTube channel.

creating the rattlesnake knot around three strands
Cord melting or singeing is done to prevent the synthetic polymer ends of the nylon paracord from fraying and to give them a clean, finished look. This process should only be completed by an adult in a well-ventilated area, away from flammable materials.

Via Paracord Planet, “go slow and hold the paracord near the flame rather than in.” While the paracord end is still hot, you can shape it with a tool to form a rounded or tapered tip. Be cautious not to burn yourself.

completed key fob
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