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How is whalesong like pop music? (And why?)

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“What we know about humpback whale song is amazing. They typically sing head down, tail up. Songs can last from five to thirty minutes. All of the males within a population will sing the same song.

“One of the most elaborate acoustic displays in the animal kingdom, but there is still so much we don’t know. And in particular, exactly why they sing.”

Spend seven minutes with marine biologist Dr Ellen Garland, who has helped to chart the journey of humpback whale songs across the Pacific Ocean.

whale song
mapping whale song
This Royal Society 8-minute short film is filled with illustrative animations that illuminate how whalesong, the moans, groans, purrs, whoops, whistles, croaks, barks, and bellows that male humpback whales sing, spreads across the oceans like pop music.

whale songs spreading through different cultures
Previously with Dr Garland: Mapping whale songs in the South Pacific.

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