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The cloud and a fluffy dog, a Hu and Mu Dust Fairies adventure

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Clouds can look like a lot of things—plush sheep, puffy pillows, billowy cotton candy, fluffy dogs—so it’s no wonder that dust fairies Hu and Mu get confused when their homemade cloud escapes out the window!

Hu and Mu were hoping for a fun flight into the sky. Why didn’t the cloud want to let them ride? How will they find it in the park outside their house?

climbing onto the cloud
A search ensues as the dust fairies pursue the runaway cloud. But quickly, a question arises: Who did they really find? Is this the cloud or a fluffy puppy?

Join thumb-sized dust fairies Hu and Mu (먼지요정 후와 무) on their real world and fairy world adventures in this stop-motion series from South Korea‘s Studio Humuhumu. Above: A neat freak cloud and a fluffy dog (깔끔쟁이 구름과 복슬강아지 야미).

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