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Barn Owls feed their hungry hatchling on Five Owl Farm

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In a sheltered barn owl nest in a church tower in Yorkshire, two barn owls work to feed their owlets, who have begun to hatch from their eggs every few days. The parents catch voles for food, and for the first few weeks, never leave their thinly-clad hatchlings. The babies don’t yet have “a sufficient layer of downy feathers” to keep warm.

This owl-filled clip is from Five Owl Farm. Narrated by British actor Robert Hardy, the 2003-2004 BBC series documents a patch of British farmland that’s occupied by five different species of owls, a rarity.

barn owl family
The clip’s second half observes long-eared owls. Because of their outdoor nests, this species must mature more quickly than the barn owl to survive exposure to the elements.

long-eared owlet
long-eared owl mother protecting her young from rain

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