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Icing Star Wars Cookies

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Step one: Outline your design with icing. Step two: Fill it in with flood icing. Step three: Add the line art details on top… and make it all Star Wars themed.

This four-minute video shares how Cookie Icer Lauren Pietruszewski created four Star Wars cookie designs, including the title, a storm trooper, Darth Vader, and a concerned-looking Chewbacca.

Learn more about royal icing consistencies from Favorite Family Recipies:

“The outline consistency is for, well, outlining. This will hold in your flood icing but won’t get too hard like the piping consistency. You can easily bite into it and it won’t be crunchy. It is great for sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies. To get this consistency you want to have a soft peak that gently flops over when pulled up, but not so soft that it absorbs back into the rest of the icing. You want it to still hold its form.”

“Flood… This is that beautiful, glossy, β€œfill” icing. It will flood in the areas that you have outlined. It is perfect for sugar cookies. For this consistency, you want the icing to absorb back into itself in 3-4 seconds after pulling it up. It should make a thick puddle and then keep its shape.”

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