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How many smells can you identify?

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How many smells can you identify? Which ones are your favorites and which ones do you really not like? Make an amazingly long and diverse list…

“It’s the first sense you use when you’re born. One out of every fifty of your genes is dedicated to it. It must be important, right? Okay, take a deep breath through your nose. It’s your sense of smell, and it’s breathtakingly powerful.”

how does your nose do it?
As it turns out, adults can distinguish around 10,000 different smells. And these smells not only trigger our memories but can also change the way our foods taste. (Give this classic apple vs potato experiment a spin.)

filters inside the nose
From journalist Rose Eveleth and animator Igor Coric, find out how powerful your nose is and what’s going on inside of it in this excellent TED-Ed: How Do We Smell?

key characters in smelling
There’s more TED-Ed, senses, and strong odors in the archives, including:
• What causes body odor?
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• Why do some people have seasonal allergies?
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