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The Kid Should See This

A dramatic look at insects and flowers

For 7 months, I observed insects and mainly the butterfly cycle where we see the caterpillar turn into chrysalis and then the butterfly out of the chrysalis. The Insect videos were filmed in 8K with camera RED Helium 8K. The flower outbreaks are an assemblage of hundreds of 5K photos that have been made on a regular interval.

In -N- Uprising, Thomas Blanchard mixes video with time lapse photography to create a dramatic up-close look at flower mantises, snails, caterpillars, butterflies, what looks to be a very unlucky milkweed bug, and other small creatures with the blooming flowers they depend on. Music by Alexis Dehimi.

butterfly emerging
insects food chain - mantis
butterfly drinking
Next, watch Umwelt – Time lapse flowers mix with real time insects, Seeds, plants, & flowers twist, wiggle, & extend, and more insect time lapses.

Plus: How animals eat, Microcosmos: Le peuple de l’herbe, and Spring, an epic 4K flower time lapse that took 3 years to make.

And this white orchid mantis.

via Laughing Squid.

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