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The Kid Should See This

Instrumental songs played on the kalimba. (Plus, a dog named Maple.)

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AcousticTrench is a popular YouTube channel featuring a guitarist named Trench and his dog Maple. Most of the videos are songs played on guitar, but a few feature harp and kalimba instrumentals. A kalimba or mbira is an African instrument that is played with the thumbs. In the video above, Trench plays Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love on the music box-like instrument before Maple comes to say hello.

Below, a more contemporary song choice: All The Small Things by blink-182.

Learn how to play the kalimba with this 10-key beginners’ version, a great starter instrument. They also come in 17-key versions.

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Plus, explore more unusual instruments: The waterphone, the glass armonica, and a homemade Emphatic Chromatic Callioforte.

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This video was posted 3 years ago.

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