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The Kelantan International Kite Festival, a 4K time-lapse

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Huge kites fly on steady winds over the beaches of Tumpat town in Kelantan where the Kelantan International Wau Festival, Malaysia’s multi-day international kite festival, is held every year. This time-lapse video was filmed by kite enthusiast Alex Shramko during the May 2015 event.

round kites
giant shark kite
The video shares modern kite designs, but via LokaLocal:

Kelantan is commonly associated with the traditional kite called the wau, made from a bamboo frame and colored paper. While there are different types of wau in Malaysia, the Wau Bulan or Moon-Kite is the most well-known and beautiful, with its largest crescent framework and ornate design.

bear kite
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