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Irina Werning’s Back to the Future

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It’s been interesting trying to explain the passage of time to a three-year-old. When he was two, he would ask, “When Dad is two years old, will he still play with me?” as if at some point, his father would finally age back down to a more understandable (and fun) age.

I think we’re clear now that time runs in one direction, that we used to be little kids, and that his grandparents were young parents like us long ago, but the questions about growing up, growing in height, and growing old all still get a bit mixed up. 

To help solidify the concept, we’ve enjoyed spending time with this project, titled Back to the Future and shared by NPR. The series is by photographer Irina Werning, who narrates:

“I guess everyone is curious to see how they age I mean it happens to everyone, and everyone is curious, and they made people laugh.”

chris cooley
Irina Werning
It’s sweet, humorous, with a tinge of melancholy… and perfectly illustrates the passage of time for someone just getting used to the idea. 

CHRIS 1986-2012 LIMA
 IAN 1983-2010 LONDON
Irina Werning photo project
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