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Is “R” a Vowel?

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Vowels are an essential component of spoken language and are used to form syllables and words. In the English language, there are five (or six) vowels: A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y.

But, as sociolinguist Dr. Erica Brozovsky explains, the way linguists define vowels may mean that R can qualify as a vowel, too… at least sometimes.

“R is an incredibly weird letter with so many different sounds and functions. It’s a wonder that we use one symbol to represent them all. And how people pronounce that one letter can speak volumes about their history and social background.”

r sounds
What three qualifications must a vowel have? What’s going on in your mouth when you make an R sound? And how is the pronunciation of the letter R “one of the most vivid differentiators between English dialects?”

Learn these answers and a lot more in this episode of Otherwords from PBS Storied.

How New Yorkers pronounce R in words
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