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Isamu Yamamoto’s World Freestyle Round-Up 2020 Skateboard Routine

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Riding on the wheel edges. Spinning like an ice skater. Handstands, then sticking the landing on the side of the board. Riding skateboards like roller skates. At 17 years old, Japanese pro skateboarder Isamu Yamamoto is one of the world’s best free skaters.

The video above captures a version of his routine for the World Freestyle Round-Up 2020 Online Showdown.

yamamoto with two skateboards
Yamamoto started skating at 8 years old and went on to win first place at the World Freestyle Round-Up Skateboarding Championships three years in a row, starting at in 2017 at age 14. From Yamamoto’s skateboarding hero, pro skateboarder and “the Godfather of modern street skating” Rodney Mullen, via Rolling Stone:

“The way he links his tricks together and the speed of them – it’s beautiful to watch. I would dare say that not many could do that, in that way, if they tried.”

isamu yamamoto
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h/t Kottke.

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