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Astronauts grow a water bubble in microgravity on ISS

Observing a water bubble in space is not only fascinating, but it clearly looks fun! Watch NASA astronauts Steve Swanson and Reid Wiseman, and European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst create a floating bubble of water on the International Space Station to see how water surface tension behaves in microgravity. The astronauts even get a look at the ball of water from the inside, immersing a waterproofed GoPro camera into the undulating liquid orb.

And look! They recorded the experiment with a 3-D camera! If you have red-blue stereoscopic 3D vision glasses, watch this 3D water bubble in space full screen:

On November 9, 2014, Gerst and Wisemen returned to Earth with Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev as a part of Expedition 41.

Watch more water experiments in space: Wringing out Water on the ISS, washing hands in space, crying in space, and Astronaut Karen Nyberg demonstrates how to wash long hair in space.

via @NASAsocial

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