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Western jackdaws pluck fur from wild deer in Richmond Park, London

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These Western Jackdaws are bold birds on a springtime mission: Gather nesting material… from wild deer.

Recorded in April 2021 within London’s 2,500 acre Richmond Park by the Simply Stunning Birds YouTube channel, these jackdaws can be seen foraging in leaf litter, eating seeds, and boldly plucking fur from the local deer as they rest.

jackdaws with deer
The deer seem a bit perturbed, but mostly put up with it because it benefits them, too. Via The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB):

“A beautiful example of the symbiosis of nature. The jackdaws can build a comfy nest and the deer gets a free hair cut after its winter moulting!”

fur haul
Birdsong can also be heard in the background. From the video caption:

“The birds were also observed… taking it to their nesting sites; either in tree hollows or twig nests. The Jackdaw call is a strong ‘chjakk’ sound, which is where its name comes from. Its diet is varied and it will readily consume anything from insects and arachnids, to fruits and seeds.”

nesting in a local tree
plucking from a deer
Simply Stunning Birds shares videos of wild birds in their natural habitats around the world. Find their videos on YouTube and at

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