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Jim Bachor’s Pandemic Pothole Mosaics

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“For years artist Jim Bachor has been filling potholes in the streets of Chicago with colorful mosaics – and given how pervasive potholes are, he’s never been at a loss for a canvas for his art. Now, with traffic decreased due to coronavirus, his mosaics are immortalizing holy relics of this time of the pandemic, from hand sanitizer to toilet paper.”

How does pothole mosaic artist Jim Bachor install his tile-illustrated temporal works of art?

gold tile
Take a closer look at two of his pandemic-era pieces, created in his studio and then installed in the unusually quiet streets of Chicago, as featured in this 2020 CBS Sunday Morning news report.

pouring cement
toilet paper mosaic street art
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Plus, a gallery on Colossal: Treats in the Streets: Artist Jim Bachor Fills Potholes with Ice Cream Mosaics.

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