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Joe Ayoob Sets the Paper Airplane World Record

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The world record for longest throw of a paper airplane has been broken. Update: John Collins shares how to fold this exact paper airplane.

Joe Ayoob throws a John Collins design, officially breaking the world record by 19 feet, 6 inches. The new world record, once verified by Guinness, will be 69.14 meters (226 feet, 10 inches). The current record is 63.19 meters or 207 feet, 4 inches set by Stephen Kreiger in 2003.

Ayoob was a quarterback for two seasons at Cal and played three years of arena football as a professional, so he knows about throwing… and knows about paper airplanes: He used to make them and throw them while he walked home from school as a kid.

The airplane’s designer, John Collins, is known as The Paper Airplane GuyΒ and has studied origami and aerodynamics.Β 

“A lot of people could throw this plane and get some pretty crazy distance out of it,” Ayoob said. “But in order to achieve the distances we were trying to reach, it took a pretty precise throw, and it took a lot of strength. … There’s a lot of finesse involved, so it’s kind of blending power, balance and control while you’re throwing this fragile, little paper airplane.”

Ayoob's paper airplane

More details on ESPN’s Page 2.

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