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Journey of a Letter: How a birthday card is sent and delivered in London

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How does a letter find its way from where it’s written to the mailbox on the corner, to the post office, and out to the person it’s being sent to? London’s new Postal Museum shares this journey through the Royal Mail system in a lovely Mister Roger’s Neighborhood -style short film: Journey of a Letter. It’s narrated by Mount Pleasant mail centre and Winchmore Hill delivery office staff. A bit of British history:

The Royal Mail can trace its history back to 1516, when Henry VIII established a “Master of the Posts”, a position that was renamed “Postmaster General” in 1710… The Royal Mail service was first made available to the public by Charles I on 31 July 1635, with postage being paid by the recipient.

putting a letter in the post
birthday card sorting and delivery
For a stateside version of this vid, check out United States Postal Service: Systems at Work. Plus: From A to B – A package’s journey through the postal system and How zip codes helped organize America.

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