Kenyan artist Cyrus Kabiru designs and makes eyeglasses from Nairobi’s discarded trash and e-waste. In a mix of sculptural art, fashion, and social commentary, the bifocals explore “the aspiration of popular culture bling,” as well as how we think about the disposability and recyclability of our electronics. From AJ+’s Making Wearables From E-Waste, he explains:

“I try to give trash a second chance. I change it to be something else, which is like it will stay for more than 100 years now… We need to change our mentality. We need to be creative with what we’re doing.”

You can see more of Kabiru’s paintings, sculptures, and glasses on Tumblr:


File under DIY inspiration, watch more amazing projects that have been created from trash: Making art from found beach plastic, Casa ecológica de botellas, turning scraps into soccer balls for village children, and the incredible story of Landfill Harmonic: A youth orchestra of upcycled instruments.

via Colossal.

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