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Kids and Masks: How to Properly Wear a Face Covering

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Created by the team at Children’s Hospital Colorado, this safety animation for all ages explains How to Properly Wear a Face Covering During COVID-19. The hospital also answers common questions and addresses misconceptions on this parent resources page, where they write:

“We get it. Wearing a cloth face covering can feel like a nuisance. But face coverings are still critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping everyone safe. This isn’t opinion – it’s based on the best available science, which researchers around the globe and our experts are evaluating daily…

“For everyone’s safety, nearly everyone should wear a face mask when in public or when with people that don’t live together. It is important to wear face masks properly to maximize their effectiveness.”

how to wear a mask
More guidance from Children’s Hospital Colorado:

“While it seems easy, there is a right and wrong way to wear a mask. The correct way includes covering your nose and mouth and securing it under your chin. Remember to always wash your hands, not to touch your face, and to have back up masks in case one gets dirty. The more we wear face masks around other people, the more effective they are.

“Remember, almost everyone should wear a face covering. The only exceptions are for kids under the age of 2 and people who have sensory sensitivities or are unable to remove their own mask in an emergency…”

masks and underwear
They recommend treating your mask like underwear:

“Cover the important parts, wash it after you wear it, keep extra face coverings with you so there’s always a clean one ready for you to use, don’t share or trade face coverings with anyone, don’t mess with it especially in public, and make sure it doesn’t have any rips or holes…

“When combining this with good hand hygiene and social distancing, masks are even more effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19.”

wash hands, mask, and distance
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How does the Covid vaccine work and why is it safe? – University of California Fig. 1

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