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Kilauea – The Fire Within and Living with Lava

Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii to see Kilauea‘s stunning lava flows across the southeast part of the island in Kilauea – The Fire Within, a film by Hawaiian native Lance Page.

In contrast to the dramatic style of the lava above, The New York Times recently spoke with residents of Pahoa, Hawaii to learn what it’s like to live in the lava’s slow-moving pathway:

The Kilauea volcano is 35 miles away, and its magma has emerged routinely since 1983. Most of the time, when the lava exits the earth with enough force to creep far downhill, it heads south toward the ocean, following a course that is largely no longer inhabited. Starting last June 27, however, new fissures pushed the molten rock northeast, straight for this town of about 950.

Next up: Volcanic Eruptions 101: How It Happens, plus more volcano videos.

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