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King penguins take a zoo walk

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Watch as some king penguins explore the snowy outdoors at the St. Louis Zoo

King penguins explore the snowy outdoors with keeper Cyndie Gitter on Thursday, January 12, 2012… Keepers decided to use the wintry weather as part of the penguins’ daily enrichment activity by letting a few selected penguins walk outside of the Penguin and Puffin Coast area. Video by Huy Mach, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

king penguins
2018 update: The team at the St. Louis Zoo take their waddling birds on another winter walk. Though there’s no snow to be seen, the field trip is still a stimulating change of pace for the animals and keepers. From the video caption:

“On December 4, our king penguins Elliot, Ethel and Arthur, Gentoo penguin Schroeder, and southern rockhopper penguins Woody and Buddah took a walk outside in the snow flurries with the animal care staff. These penguins reside indoors at Penguin & Puffin Coast and they are given the option to participate in spontaneous winter walks that are enriching for the birds. The walks are not pre-scheduled and do not occur on any regular basis. King and Gentoo penguins are native to the Antarctic region. Rockhopper penguins are native to the shorelines north of Antarctica, from Chile to New Zealand.”

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