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The Kid Should See This

The Kingfisher hunts for fish on the River Shannon

From PBS’ Ireland’s Wild River, this is how the vibrantly-colored Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) hunts for fish on the River Shannon: By diving.

kingfisher diving
Update: Their diving skills are not the only reason to be in awe of the kingfisher. Check out this fascinating video by @SheppeyWildlife: “I love the way the Kingfisher keeps his head still when he’s hunting.”

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The birds, which tend to be small, with large heads and dagger-like beaks, can dive at speeds up to 25 mph, making [Alan] McFadyen‘s photo a difficult shot. “The [kingfisher’s] speed is incredible and fascinating to watch,” he says. “Even at 10 frames per second, sometimes you get nothing in the [photograph]. It’s that fast.”

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