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The Kid Should See This

How Small Is An Atom?

Using a strand of hair, your fist, rice and sand grains, as well as the room you’re sitting in right now (assuming it’s not a huge gymnasium), let’s try to visualize the basic building block of everything around us: Atoms.

Atoms are very weird. Wrapping your head around exactly how weird is close to impossible – how can you describe something that is SO removed from [a] human’s experience? But then again, they kind of make up everything, so let us try anyways.

How Small Is An Atom? Spoiler: Very Small, another information packed video from the designers, journalists, and musicians at Kurzgesagt. (Kurz gesagt, by the way, means “in a nutshell” or “to make a long story short” in German.)

Next, use blueberries, a grapefruit, and the Earth to visualize atoms: TED Ed’s Just how small is an atom?

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