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What is the largest known star in the universe?

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What are stars? How do stars get so big? And what is the largest known star in the universe? Take an animated journey through the universe with Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell as they compare the sizes of stars, starting with things that would like the be stars. The review includes brown dwarfs, red dwarfs, red giants, hypergiants, and Stephenson 2-18 (St2-18), also known as Stephenson 2 DFK 1 or RSGC2-18…

“…one of the most luminous red supergiants, with an estimated radius around 2,150 times that of the Sun (R☉), which corresponds to a volume around 10 billion times bigger than the Sun. If placed at the center of the Solar System, its photosphere would engulf the orbit of Saturn.”

Surpassing UY Scuti, St2-18 is now considered to be the largest star in the known universe.

the largest star in the universe - comparison
comparing the sun to Sirius A
Plus, check out the Universe in a Nutshell app on Apple or Google Play by Kurzgesagt and Wait But Why.

size of the universe
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And as always, Charles and Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten (1977).

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