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Curious animated beings explore FACT Liverpool

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In this animated short by Laurie Rowan, curious beings explore FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), a cinema, art gallery, and community space in Liverpool, England. The piece is a result of the collaborative support of It’s Nice That and Canvas, an organization created to connect more young people with arts-focused organizations across England. From It’s Nice That:

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool not only hosts a year-round diverse programme of exhibitions, but is a multifaceted creative hub to stop by each day. The space boasts three galleries, four cinema screens, a multimedia suite and a cafe with a lounge area. Each of these counterparts which make up FACT is housed in a towering piece of architecture, designed by the firm Austin-Smith: Lord…”

laurie rowan first character

Watching the way visitors interacted with FACT’s space, β€œthe focus became the architecture,” inspiring Laurie to fill it with his growing band of animated characters. β€œIt was all about looking at how people use the space,” he explains of his initial idea. β€œObviously it’s a place for exhibiting work, but the most prominent thing I saw was that it was just a place to be during the day, loads of people just hang out, and a large part of the building is dominated by the cinema. It just kind of felt like using the most of the architecture was the best place to start, forming an exploration of the space from entry to exit. Kind of like a day in the life, I guess.”

Laurie Rowan growing characters
Laurie Rowan characters rolling upstairs
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