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Le bain de Calvin, a calming first bath for a newborn baby

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A baby’s first bath is an opportunity to provide them with a calming new experience. In the maternity ward at the Clinique de la Muette in Paris, auxiliaire de puériculture (childcare assistant) Sonia Krief speaks softly to newborn Calvin as she replicates the floating sensation that he knows from his time inside his mother’s womb.

An understanding of the French language isn’t required; Krief’s soothing voice communicates everything that’s happening within this moment.

Sonia Krief
Krief, often featured on La Maison des Maternelles et des Parents, is a co-founder at L’Ecole du Bien Naitre. Watch as she gently guides new father Charley as he bathes his newborn before returning baby Calvin to mother Maéva. It’s a peaceful and confidence-building moment for the new family as they begin to bond.

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