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Learn 3 Taiko Drumming Beats for Beginners

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Grab some paper towel cores for your bachi and a few pillows for your drum, and get ready to learn taiko drumming. This quick tutorial video from KQED Arts shares three beats taught by Sacramento, California-based practitioners of the tradition.

“Taiko is the Japanese art of drumming, an expressive and empowering tradition that has flourished across North America–with deep roots in California. And it’s really fun to play!

demonstration of taiko basics

Sacramento Taiko Dan Assistant Director and Instructor Sascha Molina demonstrates the horse stance; how to grip bachi or drum sticks; and play and perform various taiko drum hits and movements. Molina demonstrates on the chu daiko, with Ezrah Molina on the shime-daiko, and Nicole Stansbury, who dances.”

Then learn more about taiko drumming, plus some Japanese American history in Sacramento, with Tiffany Tamaribuchi and KQED Arts’ award-winning video series If Cities Could Dance​: Meet Women Taiko Drummers Keeping the Japanese Art Strong.

Ōdaiko means 'big taiko'

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