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Learning Your Local History: Neighboring with Maceo Paisley

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Learning local history is a great way to connect with the land you live on, the people you inherited it from, those you share it with presently, and those who will inherit it from you in the future. Here are some tips for how you can get to know the history behind where you live:

Observe the elders in your community. Get involved with local initiatives. Bring a curiosity to your exploration. Listen to local news. Finally, use what you’ve learned to spark a conversation with your neighbors. These tips will help you feel more at home and provide you with a richer, more meaningful appreciation for your community.

Learn how “neighboring” can be a verb in your life. This Headspace video, hosted by artist and curator Maceo Paisley, is the second in a two-part Neighboring series focused on how everyone can improve and better connect with their community. The activities are kid-friendly for summer or as a part of a school project.

street names
In the first video, shared below, “Maceo discusses how we can build trust with our neighbors through small talk, small favors, and a mutual desire to see our community thrive.” Though the video was created for grownups, Paisley’s tips are useful for all ages in smoothing small social interactions in the community, at school, and beyond.

tips for meeting neighbors

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