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Can a LEGO car roll downhill forever?

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How can LEGO engineering adapt for increasingly difficult challenges? Can a LEGO car, for example, be modified to endlessly roll down a 5° treadmill? What if the incline increases to 10° or 20°? How about 90°? What changes might need to be made?

This video from the Brick Technology YouTube channel shares how modified LEGO cars can keep rolling on a progressively steep ramp with tailored designs that leverage tire friction and aerodynamic adhesion.

LEGO vehicle on an increasingly steep angle
The last segment of the video attempts to keep an unmodified LEGO Technic car on the treadmill indefinitely. With the integration of two LEGO color distance sensors and a Powered Up app, the custom treadmill is programmed to constantly adjust for speed and incline angle.

programming with the Powered Up app
The demonstration is in the gradual problem-solving style we’ve seen from the Brick Experiment Channel. Watch their videos next on TKSST:
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via Kottke.

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