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How are LEGO Duplo bricks made?

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Not long ago I joined the awesome LEGO video team at the DUPLO factory in Hungary. I was there to host a video for LEGO’s social channels but they kindly let me vlog snippets as we toured around!

In the video above, Maddie Moate shows and tells how LEGO Duplo bricks and characters are made—almost five million bricks a day. She’s filmed how tiny granules of plastic travel through tubes to be mixed with color pellets. The pieces are then quickly molded and cooled in a plastic injection molding machine, printed with faces color by color, and assembled by machines.

how lego duplo are made
how lego duplo are made
And here’s the video she made with LEGO:

Secrets of the LEGO DUPLO factory

Our bricks even get a lick test at the LEGO DUPLO factory in Hungary – watch how we make almost five million of them a day ?

Posted by LEGO on Friday, February 1, 2019

Watch more videos from Maddie Moate on this site, travel to Denmark to see how robots and machines make LEGO at their Billund factory, or fly by drone over LEGO House, Denmark’s new LEGO visitor center.

Plus, a LEGO + math video: How many LEGO combinations can be made with 6 standard bricks?

Also excellent: A fascinating video primer on Plastic Injection Molding and more videos about plastic.

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