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LEGO + paper with Studio Playfool

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What is “the genius tool LEGO wants to forget?

In 2009, LEGO and Japanese retailer Muji collaborated to create innovative building sets that combined basic LEGO bricks with Muji’s minimalist design principles.

Their goal: Introduce fresh ways to use paper and plastic together, allowing builders to explore new creative possibilities beyond traditional LEGO building techniques.

making with lego and paper
Despite the promising premise, the concept failed to gain popularity, and the sets have since been forgotten… except by the team at Japan-based Studio Playfool.

In the video above, Playfool co-founder Daniel Coppen summarizes the project and their improvements to it: a standard metal hole punch and a stronger hole punch template. With these, they’ve created lots of fun and unusual LEGO + paper combinations, including a ragdoll-y puppet, a classic hoop glider, a bricky bonsai, a sacrificial bridge, and a mini catapult.

paper and lego
While this promo video features their 3D-printed stencil, their demonstrations reassure that the hole punch, attention to hole positions, and willingness to experiment are all you need to transform LEGO and some sturdy paper into playful new creations.

leaves and lego
Studio Playfool is a play-based design and art project by Royal College of Art grads Coppen and Saki Maruyama. Find them on YouTube and Instagram.

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