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Three LEGO soap bubble machine ideas

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Looking for some LEGO invention inspiration? Check out this LEGO soap bubble machine or Seifenblasen Maschine, a 2006 project by Johannes Gysel.

A rotating wheel of six bubble wands are dipped into a small vat of soapy liquid. As they pass in front of a small, motor-powered turbine, bubbles fly into the air. This machine is set to the music of French musician and composer Yann Tiersen.

lego bubble machine
Here’s another LEGO bubble machine, a Technic prototpye with a Lego Power Functions motor. It was created by Kevin Vanderwall for his kids. He explains:

It is all about gear ratios. Basically, for high speed, you want to use a large gear on the motor shaft (the “input”) which drives a small gear on the fan shaft (the “output”). Do the opposite to achieve a slower output speed, such as the one that actuates the bubble wand in this case.

bubble machine

This third version by Matze Glatze on YouTube directs air to the thread-covered bubble wands. There were multiple versions of this machine before this successful one was completed.

lego bubble machine

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