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Lemon bars with olive oil and sea salt

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Savory, tart, bitter, and sweet from The New York Times: Melissa Clark demonstrates how to make lemon bars with a sophisticated twist by adding olive oil and flaky sea salt. She writes:

My mother wasn’t a baker, but she did make some mean lemon bars when I was growing up, using a recipe straight out of a Charlie Brown cookbook.

They were simple things, a buttery crust pressed into the pan and topped with beaten eggs, lemon and sugar, then baked. Ultra-sweet, crunchy on top and gooey within, they were our staple contribution to bake sales and potlucks, and all my grade school friends adored them.

This recipe is not for those lemon bars, as much as they still appeal to my inner 8-year-old. This is for something more grown-up… They are complex and sophisticated, tangy and tart, where the other ones were gentle and sweet…

Although these are designed for adults, don’t be afraid to serve them to children. My 6-year-old loves these newfangled lemon bars just as much as my mother does.

You can find the recipe here.

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