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Les Klaxons (The Horns) by Michel Lauzière in a musical jumpsuit

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Canadian comedian Michel Lauzière has spent years creating unusual comedy performances, often including music. In this clip from the French television show Le plus grand cabaret du monde, Lauzière wears an orange jumpsuit full of horns. After testing each one, he proceeds to play a medley of familiar classics, including compositions by Beethoven and Vivaldi. There are a few classic children’s songs mixed in, too.

The performance is entirely in French, but you won’t need to know French to understand and enjoy the routine.

Les Klaxons (The Horns), a comedy routine by Michel Lauzière
In 2007, Lauzière also famously rollerbladed the Toréador Song from the opera Carmen on a very long series of tuned bottles and snapping mousetraps in the streets of New York City. See it in this old clip from Late Night with David Letterman:

Let that and this speeding toy train playing the William Tell Overture on bottles inspire DIY music projects for all ages.

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