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Les machines impossible, an animated series for the Centre Pompidou

What happens to a bowling ball after you bowl with it? How do vending machines really work? What happens to your luggage when you check it in at the airport? What’s inside a street organ?

In 2017, Centre Pompidou museum approached me to create five short films for their kids web show Mon Œil in line with Preposterous. Les machines impossible series (Impossible Machines), a tribute to Rube Goldberg, explores and reinvents what’s inside complex mechanisms.

Watch four amusing imaginings from French motion designer Florent Porta: Les machines impossiblesBowling, above, Soda, Bagage, and Musique:

The French expression Mon œil! literally translates to “my eye!” but is also used in disbelief to mean “no way!”

Next, watch Daihei Shibata’s It’s Different From What You Expected.

Plus, for real: How does a bowling alley work? and What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport?

via Laughing Squid.

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