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Up-close with leucistic white peacocks

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The white peafowl is a rare and beautiful sight, and this white peacock, with around 150 feathers extended, is sure to be noticed. White peafowls are Indian Blue Peafowls (Pavo cristatus) with a rare genetic mutation called leucism. Via Wikipedia:

“Leucistic peafowl can produce pigment but not deposit the pigment to their feathers, resulting in their blue-grey eye colour and the complete lack of colouration in their plumage.”

This video above was recorded in 2019 by the Ani Male wildlife YouTube channel. Adjust your volume for bird calls. More from The Audubon’s BirdNote:

As this male Indian Peafowl quivers his outstretched tail, it creates a rustling sound, almost like a drumroll.

Scientists call this the peacock’s “train rattle.” You might also call it the sound of peacock love.

That train rattle is also causing a vibration in the air that we humans can’t feel. But female peacocks, or peahens, can.

white peacock
The white peacock video below was filmed in Prague, and has been viewed over 14M times since it was posted in 2016.

white peacock in prague
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