Heavy snowfall (yuki oroshi or 雪下ろし) is common in Japan’s snow country, a section of Honshū along the Sea of Japan and into the Japanese Alps. In snowy Nagano Prefecture, circa March of 2013, Seiji Yamada and Taku Oumie cleared a lot of heavy snow from the roof of the Yamada Ryokan. It’s a necessary and sometimes daily task that helps keep the roof safe from collapse, and they both look like well-practiced experts in this clearing technique. See what Life With Snow in Nagano is like in these speedy and real-time bursts.

Follow this video with Yukino-otani, the huge snow walls of the Tateyama Snow Corridor and Zen Snow Monkeys (Japanese macaques) in Japan’s hot springs. Plus: More snow from all over the planet.

via BoingBoing.

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