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Climbers, Dancing, and Walking: Drawing a phénakistiscope

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With a mix of focus and a casual style, Yohei Kisanuki, also known as LimbaTrip, draws frame after frame of a phénakistiscope—a zoetrope-like spinning paper disc. Using small magnets to secure the drawing, Kisanuki brings the animation to life in this slightly sped-up video.

As the disc is turned, the inked dots and lines morph into figures climbing, bending, stepping. Gradually, faces are revealed amidst the action, and when the disc finally spins at full strength, they seem surprised, or maybe they’re chanting rhythmically as the little figures climb over their heads. What do you think they’re doing?

first lines and dots
drawing faces
The wordless video, a variation of LimbaTrip’s visual themes, is titled “Making video of Climbers, Dancing, and Walking.” He shares more on Instagram.

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