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Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion

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Soft, silvery, not toxic, and atomic number 31 on the periodic table of elements, Gallium is famous for its low melting point: 29.7646 °C or 85.5763 °F. In other words, it can melt in your hand.

In this Slow Mo Guys video, Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion, Gav and Dan “get some mesmerizing T-1000-like shots of Gallium splashing around.” See the diamond-like shapes it forms as it’s poured. Plus, see what it looks like bouncing on a speaker and a large drum in all of its slow motion glory.

gallium on a speaker
gallium diamond shapes
Watch more videos about gallium on this site, including melting a metal alloy spoon in some tea and melting gallium in your hand.

Bonus video from The Slow Mo Guys: Non-Newtonian fluid bouncing in super slow motion (1600fps).

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