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LittleBall Creations’ Marble Machine Medley

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LittleBall Creations makes tabletop marble runs from copper wire that’s bent and soldered together in gravity-defined swirls and ramps. Showcasing tracks numbered 5 through 15, this Marble Machine Medley video reviews 10 of the 17 rolling ball sculptures constructed within one year.

owl eyes marble run
Using steel ball bearings, colorful marbles, and large balls, the original pieces often run once, unaided, along the track.

Others, like the the Helter Skelter birdcage-themed rolling ball sculpture or Wallace & Gromit’s Rocket rolling ball sculpture, both below, use motors and Archimedes screws in the center so that the marbles can travel back up to the top:

archimedes screw closeup

The Wallace & Gromit rocket-inspired machine has four simultaneous rising tracks and four down tracks with mechanisms inspired by the show.

wallace and gromit-inspired marble run

This Infinity rolling ball sculpture keeps one large ball moving around and around with a motor-powered ball lift.

ball lift mechanism

The Southampton, England-based maker also creates furniture and lawn sculptures. Follow LittleBall Creations on Facebook and YouTube.

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