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The incredible secret life of London’s bees

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Update: Regional settings were changed on the original video. Watch it below:

How are London‘s bumblebees like the city’s cabbies and the Queen’s guard? Get an incredible, up-close look at how bees can thrive in a bustling city, sometimes flying up to seven miles a day to look for food. “That’s the equivalent of a human circumnavigating the globe ten times just to get to the shops and back.”

This BBC clip from Cities: Nature’s New Wild reveals the hidden spaces and the treasure trove of gardens that this singular city provides.

More than a billion people around the world commute into cities each day, and they are not alone. The world’s wildlife is commuting too. A steady flow of animals journey in and out of cities to find food and shelter or to start a family. Leaving the wilderness they must overcome the unique challenges that the urban world throws at them to benefit from the opportunities on offer. This episode explores whether the secret to an animal’s success in this fast-changing world is to keep one foot in the wild and one in the city, becoming a wild commuter.

inside an urban bee nest
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• Do cities need more green roofs? (They do.)

More hidden London: The Solitary Life of Cranes, a trailer.

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