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London’s historic Mail Rail ride

In the early 1900s, London’s busy streets caused serious delays in mail delivery. The solution: London’s Mail Rail, an underground network of tunnels with miniature electric trains that, at their peak, moved 4 million pieces of mail every day. Constructed from 1914-1927 and in service for 76 years, the system was long-abandoned before The Postal Museum reopened the tunnels as a 15-minute ride. Narrative voices now echo through the tunnels as images from history appear along the walls.

Get a special look at The Postal Museum and secret underground train with Joolz Guides, a YouTube channel filled with fun London video excursions. Host Julian McDonnell reveals the museum’s hidden tunnels and historic story, as told with kid play spaces, artifacts, and interactive exhibitions.

Bonus: Now we know about Tibs, the post office cat.

Next, watch Journey of a Letter: How a birthday card is sent and delivered in London and The Archaeology of Crossrail and the history of London.

h/t Lost Weekenders.

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