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L’orchestre d’hibernation animaux and how animals hibernate

A flute playing wood frog who freezes. A bassoon blowing painted turtle who (ahem) breathes through its butt. A trumpet blasting common poorwill who falls asleep anywhere, anytime. A harp plucking mosquito who goes into a sci-fi suspended animation. A drum thumping black bear who stays fat all winter long. And, of course, a theremin tuning Antarctic cod who goes semi-comatose in the dark.

These six creatures all hibernate to help them endure cold and dark winter months, and survive when food is scarce. In this video from Pop Sci, we learn more about how these animals hibernate through a symphonic story in the tradition of composer Sergei Prokofiev‘s Peter and the Wolf. Watch L’orchestre d’hibernation animaux (The Animal Hibernation Orchestra).

Follow this with Return of the Woodfrog, Secrets Of The Snowy Owl, and how do you find water bears (tardigrades) in the wild?

Bonus: Le Carnaval des Animaux and Songs for Unusual Creatures.

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