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How Lullatone infuses play into creating music

Nagoya-based band Lullatone, Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida, mixes Japan’s rich simplicity with their love for new sounds to create “miniature melodies for everyday moments,” from Sunday Morning Shopping with a Stroller, to Spinning Until You Are Dizzy, to going for an Early Morning Run, to thinking about Acorns, and lots more.

This promotional video profile by Josh Brine for Marmoset Music also illuminates how the musical duo infuses play and experimentation into their creations. Example: Guitar + folded paper = Origami Guitar.

lullatone - family

We listen to Lullatone all the time, especially their albums While Winter Whispers, Thinking About Thursdays, and Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures.

We also love playing the Lyons 25-Note Xylophone, seen above.

Watch more Lullatone, including Experiments Around the House and Yawns, an Everynone collection film.

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