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How are giant chocolate Ocean Eggs made?

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How are large Easter eggs created from chocolate? How do chocolate turtles and starfish find their way inside? And where does chocolate come from?

Maddie Moate visits indie chocolate maker Chococo in their Dorset, England chocolate kitchen to find out.

chococo's kitchen
Her visit involves layers of tempered chocolate, painting, splattering edible glitter, and raising funds for the Ocean Giants Program, a charity that works “really hard to protect some of the ocean’s largest and most threatened species.”

“That includes animals like the whale shark, dolphins, manta rays… even turtles. They also help support students who are studying the ocean and will go on to become our next generation of marine scientists.”

pouring chocolate out o the mold
natural edible paint colors
Chococo is known for its ethically-minded approach to chocolate egg-making. Handmade with direct trade, single estate chocolate from Ecuador, Ocean Eggs are naturally vegan-friendly, palm oil-free, and packed in plastic-free, recyclable packaging.

ocean egg
Follow Maddie Moate, Chococo Chocolates, and the Ocean Giants Program on Instagram.

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