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Madeline the Robot Tamer

Allowing people to easily direct industrial robot actions through human movement, researcher, designer, and educator Madeline Gannon developed a gesture-based communication software, Quipt, as an artist-in-residence at Pier 9 in San Francisco. How does it ‘tame’ robots? From her site:

“Wearable markers on the hand, around the neck, or elsewhere on the body let a robot see and respond to you in a shared space. This lets you and the robot safely follow, mirror, and avoid one another as you collaborate together…

Instead of programming a robot through code, it models human-robot communication on body language. It gives an industrial robot spatial awareness and spatial behaviors for interacting closely with people. This lets a person’s intuitive pointing, posturing, and movements guide the robot’s actions.”

Next: Exploring Space with Shape-Shifting Robots, and a paralyzed woman learning to control a robotic arm with her thoughts.

Also great: Il Capo (The Chief).

via Kottke.

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