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Magnet-connected pyramids that transform into different shapes

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Hypercubes are geometric art toys made by Andreas Markus Hoenigschmid. Their shapes can be reconfigured from a single cube or brought together with other cubes to build larger structures. From Hoenigschmid’s site:

A single Cube consists of 12 individual Pyramids. Each one connected on two sides and carrying one magnet to help stabilize the major structures. There are 5 (or more) major shapes that will “fall into place”, meaning the magnets will pull it together and no hinge is left flexible.

Sounds like an interesting DIY project to try and figure out. Watch multiple blocks come together in a variety of forms:

In the archives, more shapes, more geometry, and more toys, including the Amazing Moving Cube and Erik Åberg’s Ghostcubes.

via La Boite Verte.

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