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Magnets hover, wobble, and spin on pyrolytic graphite

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Watch these magnets hover, wobble, and spin as they’re pushed and pulled between a base of pyrolytic graphite, a strong magnet, and other nearby magnets vying for position. Mellow background music, Thin Places by Jesse Gallagher, accompanies the footage.

The Magnet Tricks and Magnetic Games YouTube channels teamed up to share these ‘levitation stations’ for both teeny tiny magnets and stacks of larger magnets that seem to move like alien spaceships.

hovering magnets
"levitation station"
Pyrolytic graphite is a diamagnetic material, “a material that creates a magnetic field in opposition to an externally applied magnetic field. This weak opposing field produces a repelling force.” The result: Diamagnetic levitation.

Watch more footage via Magnetic Games:

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