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Magnum XL-300: CoasterWriter’s huge K’nex coaster

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Inspired by Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200, this huge K’nex coaster was created by rollercoaster enthusiast and YouTuber Luke Reynolds, aka CoasterWriter. It’s so big that it takes over three sides of his back yard.

Named Magnum XL-300—the coaster’s signature hill is 300 centimeters tall—the track was created from K’nex pieces that were collected over 15 years. Some of the crossties were dyed red to complete the rollercoaster’s striking look.

POV K'nex coaster
The six-car coaster itself was 3D-printed specifically for Reynolds’ project by coaster hobbyist 3D Coaster. Reynolds added a GoPro to the front cab to get the POV footage.

He documented the build on YouTube and Instagram.

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