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Making a celt hatchet and an A-frame hut – Primitive Technology

Though the fella behind Primitive Technology is starting from scratch on newly-bought land, his work is that of an old pro. In this video, he deftly builds a celt hatchet to cut wood for a new 2x4x4 meter (6.6 by 13.1 by 13.1 foot) A-frame hut:

A post was planted in the ground to support the ridge pole at the back of the structure and an A frame was put in the front to support the ridgeline. The rafters of the hut were then attached to the ridgepole. Palm fronds were then collected, split and lashed to this frame. The dome hut was disassembled and its thatch was added to the structure. Approximately 1200 fronds were used in total. For the ridgeline, thatch was lifted in place and rested on without lashing it down. Instead, pairs of sticks lashed together were lifted in place sitting over thatch preventing it from blowing away. These are known as “jockeys” as they resemble a rider sitting on a horse.

Woven lawyer cane and mud compose a back wall of wattle and daub, which also helps create drainage trenches for when it rains.

Watch more Primitive Technology videos on this site or on his. He also has a Patreon page for those who want to support his work.

Also: Patrick Dougherty’s Stickwork and How to Build an Igloo.

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